Dimensional Imaging houses many modalities to ensure that patients can receive all of their diagnostic needs under one roof.  All of our equipment and technicians meet not only our high standards but have the approval of the American College of Radiology. 


Our team of board certified radiologists all hold sub-specialties in either MSK (muscular-skeletal), neuroradiology, or general radiology, giving physicians and patients the confidence that every study is read by an expert in the field.


If you have any questions about your study, ask us, and our highly trained care coordinators will give you answers.

Our patients enjoy a 1.5 Tesla MRI in all of our locations.  This equipment is also known as a high-field MRI.  The upgraded software packages and dedicated coils help us concentrate the field of view on specific areas to produce the highest quality images in the industry. Our high-fields also perform MRAs, which provide pictures of blood vessels throughout the body.

Our Sarasota location also offers an Open MRI for patients who experience either claustrophobia or physical discomfort in the high-field MRI.  Not sure if the high-field MRI is for you?  No problem: our technicians can always stop scanning and transfer you to the Open MRI if necessary.

A CT Scan (CAT Scan) uses computerized x-ray technology to produce thin "slices" of specific parts of the anatomy.  All of our CT Scanners also perform CTAs to produce pictures of blood vessels throughout the body. Some studies require contrast to aid in diagnosis, which may require fasting prior to the exam.  If BUN/Creatinine tests are needed for contrast studies, Dimensional Imaging will perform those before the exam.